Daniel Odyssey

Daniel Odyssey

In 2011, I was motivated to go and pursue some soul searching outside of my comfort zone somewhere in an odyssey state of mind. All routes led east to the Bénélux region in Europe to meet one of my best friends who possessed similar thoughts. Upon entrance to the city of Luxembourg from the clear siding doors of Luxembourg Findel Airport, I was greeted with a high abundance of gorgeous unfamiliarity. At this point in time, I felt a renaissance occurring within myself. Where there was once uncertainty, new thoughts began to form and align. A foundation to a new creation started to protrude. Daniel Odyssey the explorer was born.

In 2013, the saga continued in Spain. Additional inspiration came to my sight in forms of vibrant colors, centuries of cultural stories, and beautiful architecture from various eras. I felt merged somewhere between a tourist and local as I roamed through many neighborhoods, pedestrian streets, and alleys looking to capture the denizens’ essence in my mind and on camera. After visiting the Andalusia region of Spain, I conjured a new vision… a photography experience.

2014, The “Daniel Odyssey Photography Experience” was launched with the vision of photography from an avid globetrotter and wanderer with an affinity for visual arts. Authenticity is key along with 3 essential C's that I embrace through my shutter. Capture the creative and cultural happenings of mankind. Cascade the beauty of the travel culture, voyages, and destinations to society. Cultivate. My photographic journeys have taken me to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, and from the east coast to west coast of the U.S. to capture the essence of locations that are both familiar and unfamiliar. My photography style reflects authenticity, quality, and societal essence. I use lighting, sharpness, and shadows to complement textures in pictures. I employ colors, warmth, black & white, and sepia settings to boast beauty and enhance the stories behind the captures.

The “Daniel Odyssey Photography Experience” is for the daydreamer and explorer in all of us. It inspires me to take time out of my day to daydream. I hope my prints and wall art inspire you to daydream as well.

For calendars and other inquiries, please email me at danielodyssey1@gmail.com

Recent Additions

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